Anakbayan New York’s Message at People’s State of the Nation Address

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Sunday July 27, 2014

“Magandang Hapon Mga Kasama,

     My name is Gray Combatir from Anakbayan New York.  We are here to expose the fascist puppet administration of the United States-Aquino regime and its crimes against the Filipino people. We are here because we have enough of the lies and broken promises of President Aquino. Aquino failed at walking the “daang matuwid” (straight path) – instead he mandated rampant and systemic corruption by signing off on the unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). Aquino is the Pork Barrel King, remember that. He failed to investigate and prosecute the wide-spread corruption of his regime and his cronies, who are guilty of stealing public funds for much needed public projects for the Filipino people. Aquino himself took cuts from contracts with foreign and local companies and evaded taxes with the help of his campaign financiers – this was monitored by no less than the IMF Direction of Trade. 
     As the Pork Barrel King, he uses the state budget to solidify his own rule, rein in other politicians, suppress his rivals, and enjoy the perks and privileges of power.
     These pork barrel funds should’ve been used to improve basic social services like education and health care, and to fix a broken immigration system but instead these funds are pocketed into the hands of politicians. These funds could have been used for the relief and rehabilitation of the typhoon victims. But what is the governments response? 50 houses. 50 houses built in the last 9 months.
     This Pork Barrel Scandal is no coincidence, but an indicator of the rotten system that creates suffering and oppression of the Filipino people. Pork barrel is a result of the 3 basic problems that perpetuate this corrupt system of oppression: Imperialism, Of the US and its wars of aggression waged on other countries in the name of monopoly profit. Feudalism, and the continuing land grabbing, plundering of natural resources, and exploitation of farmers, workers, and peasants. And finally, Bureaucrat Capitalism. When the government functions as a business for multinational corporations to profit off the exploitation of the Filipino people

But we have one solution. And our solution is the National Democratic Movement
  • We will create the necessary national industries that will provide jobs for the Filipino people through genuine agrarian reform.
  • We will end all unfair treaties and laws that favor foreign countries, and have them respect our sovereignty
  • We will set up a people’s democratic government lead by the masses, for the masses.
  • We will smash patriarchy and ensure the advancement of women’s liberation in all aspects.
  • We will promote a mass-oriented, scientific and patriotic culture against colonial, feudal, and anti-popular culture
Our demands are simple. We demand the impeachment of President Aquino! We demand the end of US imperialism and neoliberalism. And finally, we demand the youth to join us and continue to struggle for systemic changes for the welfare of our people now and for future generations.
     The situation is becoming more dire everyday, and the reactionaries won’t stop at nothing to violently suppress our voices. Though we are thousands of miles away, we are bounded through our blood and our revolutionary past with our brothers and sisters in the motherland. We are united in our fight against US Imperialism and we aim to create a better social system that serves the people. We want all Filipino youth and students to join the movement and dare to struggle for national liberation and for the rights and welfare of our people! When the laws and policies are oppressive, it is our duty to resist! 
     This is only the beginning of the mass movement that is spreading like wildfire; A movement that is ready to take down the reactionary government of the Philippines. Your days are numbered President Aquino, the people have spoken and are ready to impeach you and oust your cronies. It is our time, mga kasama, to raise our voices, raise our fists, and let the reactionaries know enough is enough.”

Makibaka! Huwag Matakot!

Imperyalismo, ibagsak!

Pyudalismo, ibagsak!
Burukrata-kapitalismo, ibagsak!
Si Noynoy Mismo, babagsak!
1% mismo, babagsak!