#NoToCybercrime Law

Anakbayan-USA calls on everyone to register their opposition to RA10175 or Cybercrime Law in the Philippines. From November 2 to November 7, we are calling on Filipinos in the US to continue to register their opposition to this online martial law. 

We are asking folks to take the following actions: 

1) Profile Blackout- to generate awareness and as a symbolic protest against the cybercrime prevention law, we are asking the community to blackout their profile picture and instead use the “Repeal Cybercrime 

Law” picture. Have it up until November 7. 

2) Tweet-bomb- let us make the cybercrime law a trending topic on twitter and flood Pres. Aquino’s official twitter account with messages of protests against the cybercrime law

#NoToCybercrimeLaw @NoynoyAquino

*Sample message:* “Repeal RA10175 now! #NoToCybercrimeLaw @NoynoyAquino” 
or “President @NoynoyAquino, stop e-martial law now #NoToCybercrimeLaw”

3) Phone-in – call the Philippine Embassy (Washington DC) and tell them that you are concerned about the freedom of speech in the Philippines and that you want the President and the senate to repeal the cybercrime law. 

Office of the Ambassador
H.E. Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
Tel: 202.467.9366

*Sample message:* 
“I am ____________, I am concerned about the Freedom of Speech in the Philippines. We call on President Noynoy Aquino to repeal RA10175 Cybercrime Prevention Law. Thank you.”

4) Sign the petition! 

5) Join the National Day of Action on Nov. 7
Organize a protest at your nearest Philippine Consulate on November 7th. 

November 7th marks the 30th day of the Supreme Court’s issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the Cybercrime Law. It’s about time that the President Aquino and Senate to take action and repeal it.

In coordination with the College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines, Anakbayan Philippines and Kabataan Partylist, Anakbayan-USA is calling for an international day of action to repeal the Cybercrime Prevention Law to put further pressure on the Philippine government and to bring international attention to the law. 

For more information about the Cybercrime Law check it out at: 

If your organization wants to endorse, organize or participate in this actions please contact Yves Nibungco at yvesnibungco@gmail.com 

For more information about Anakbayan-USA contact us at Anakbayan.usa@gmail.com